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Astrology, Tarot, Practical Magick


About me:

As The Mystical Sister I am committed to creating a safe and  insightful space for my community.

I am available for private Tarot, Astrology, Meditation and Reiki sessions in the Bay Area or anywhere around the world via Zoom.   

I am trained and certified in several major healing modalities, and have been studying the metaphysical arts for many years through various teachers, courses, trainings and practice. I'm here to support, nourish, teach and heal you on your journey!



My Services

Tarot, Astrology, Practical Magic!

As a professional Astrologer and Tarot reader, I am pleased to share my intuitive gifts with all of my clients. I live to hold space for truth and my aim is to have an impact on other human beings to awaken within them their own life goals and aspirations. I offer a variety of services to help my clients gain clarity and to see their own potential. Take a look at the services below, and get in touch today.

Classic Tarot Reading

$90 for one hr / $45 for half hour

Clarity and Hope

Gain clarity in situations, gain insight and perspective with a classic tarot reading. Here, clients will be able to align their minds and souls, to open up and receive answers around love, work, home or life path. I work with all of my clients on a deep, emotional level, to understand exactly what they require out of my services. Sessions are remote or in person.

Classic Astrology Reading 30 min

Popular Offering

Connect, Reveal and Heal

This has become one of my most popular services in the past year, as more and folks are understanding about the important and crucial role our astrology plays in our lives. We will talk about your natal chart and transits here for 30 mins.

Aura Cleansing

$95 for half hour

Cleanse, Re Align and Attract

We will connect with divine energies and the beloved Archangels to clear past energies that may have attached to you or your energetic self. We will re energize your aura so you can live the life you want! Great for folks who have lived in dorms, hard partiers or those looking for energetic release after a breakup.

Classic Astrology Reading 60 min


60 minute classic astrology reading to discuss your natal chart and important transits. Astrology is an important fundamental tool of understanding our strengths as individuals and also upcoming challenges and blessings. This offering provides a deep dive than the 30 minute offering.


C. D.

Darla is amazing ! I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to elevate their lives through either yoga, reiki, or tarot. She has a real intuitive nature and has helped me to see and work through many areas of my life I was struggling with. Darla has a wealth of knowledge too, and it's very well integrated throughout the various modalities she works in.


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(510) 982-6222

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(510) 982-6222

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