Astrology for Feminists, Rad Babes and Lovers May 29th- June 4th 2017

May 29, 2017

All times PST

Things finally slow down a bit this week and we can begin to catch our breath. Venus is still in Aries and will be until June 6th, so if you’ve been wrestling with matters of the heart, things may not totally clear up or improve until after June 6th. Venus will move into Taurus on this day, a sign she absolutely loves to be in, and feels at home in, so you can imagine that things will at least start to feel better after this date, after a long and gnarly transit that included a Retrograde in Aries. This week she remains still in feisty, fiery and independent Aries., so don’t expect to feel too much love from other people, yet.


The Moon will be Waxing or growing all week, which means that energies are expanding and waiting to be culminated or “popped” by the Full Moon on the 9th. The Moon will be in Leo in the beginning of the week through Wednesday morning, where it will be shining some loving and comforting energy on us. These are great times to explore music film and art, as well as theatre. You could make a bold yet fun move these days as well. The Moon will move into Virgo Wednesday morning which may immediately will urge us to be more discriminating emotionally, and definitely more logical and rational. The First Quarter Moon in Virgo on the June 1st could be an excellent day to do some spell work. The Moon moves into balanced Libra over the weekend where it will be encouraging us to love, to make peace, and to find our chill. Read on for more info in regards to your sign!



Monday through Wednesday morning may be about trying to spark or re ignite some fun back into your life Aries. It’s been an intense couple of weeks and the Moon in Leo in the early part of the week is urging you to have some fun and let go. Wednesday morning through Friday evening the vibe will shift dramatically to your health, lifestyle and daily routines. If you’ve been partying too hard, stretching too thin or burning yourself out prepare to feel it these days, You’ll also have a great opportunity to re adjust and recover. The weekend your mind will be on your one on one relationships, or maybe on in particular. Have you been fair to your partners and besties? Have you been loving and kind or hard and selfish? Now is the weekend to make up for lost time.



Monday through Wednesday morning may have you chilling hardcore on your couch, blasting tunes, watching (good, or great) movies, and re reading some of your favorite books. It’s time to get inspired all while luxuriating from the comfort of your own home. Get your fun in while you can because Wednesday morning through Friday evening may feel like a bit of a wet blanket. Better for balancing your books than wearing a lampshade on your head. By Friday evening and moving into the weekend, the Moon will bring a balanced and comforting perspective on how you live your daily life. This is a great time to offer yourself gentle solutions likes yoga, movement, nutritious foods and allowing yourself more time to sit down and eat. How else can you be creative and loving to yourself in your day to day routines?



You roar into the week with inspirational conversational (which is how you live and love in your birthday season anyway), but Monday through Wednesday morning will be particularly chatty and you could really inspire and dazzle folks with how well you communicate.Wednesday morning through Friday evening the Moon in Virgo in your home sector will be asking you to make vital changes in your home zone. Maybe getting the appliances or accessories you so desperately need to feel functional? Friday evening through the rest of the weekend will be fun, and warm hearted. You may want to make plans with people you really love, to just be able to spend time with them and share.



Monday through Wednesday morning you may feel particularly passionate about your clothing choices and accessories. Also you may want to bring some loving guidance upon yourself if you’ve been overspending or spending money on things that don’t serve or benefit you. Wednesday morning through Friday early evening you may find your communications become sharp and intense, as your brain will thinking logically and not emotionally. These may be great days to have those harder or more technical conversations. Friday evening through the rest of the weekend you may feel like just luxuriating at home and chilling. This is a perfect weekend for rest and self care!



You start off the week with the Moon in your sign, which for you delivers some major bonus points of happiness, calm and confidence. This lasts until Wednesday morning when the Moon rolls into Virgo making you extremely money conscious and interested in working with and managing your own personal bank accounts and spending. Be careful to work with the energies, not get freaked out or overwhelmed by them! By the weekend you’ve moved on to loving and warm communications with the people you love, with the Moon in Libra from Friday evening through Sunday making you feel warm, and all ooey gooey inside. How can you share some of the proud Leo love with the rest of the world to make it a better place?



The Moon will be taking you on a little trip to your own dream world or subconscious Monday through Wednesday morning. Crack open the journal and get ready to lovingly explore the inner workings of your pretty little mind Virgo! By Wednesday morning the Moon will move into your sign, delivering a boost in self confidence and power thinking. Friday evening through the weekend the Moon in Libra will be pushing you to go through your closet and personal possessions and happily dump whatever you don’t need anymore. This energy also works for re igniting inspiration to your existing outfits by switching up how you pair and wear things. You may want to curb your spending this weekend though, especially if you feel like you “need” something but it’s out of reach financially.



Monday through Wednesday may prove to be awesome for catching up with friends, and your community. You may be able to have awesome conversations these days and you may really “feel the love” Wednesday morning through Friday evening you may want to tread carefully with your subconscious and emotional minds. You could feel like picking at yourself or aggravating already sore or tender parts of yourself. By Friday evening, the Moon will move into your sign, gifting you with bold charismatic presence and cool but loving confidence. What will you do to celebrate yourself this weekend?



The week starts off with your mind on your career Scorpio, with Monday through Wednesday morning being prime days for you to “take off” on a project or career goal. Wednesday through Friday could get weird with your friends, be careful to not get too cold, unfeeling, logical or even cruel with your crew. If you're not feeling heard, back away from the group for a minute and re assess from your lair.  Friday evening through the rest of the weekend will welcome in love and comfort to your sub conscious minds. Think yoga, meditation, self care, loving movement, therapy and journal work for best results. How will you take care of yourself this weekend Scorpio?



The Moon roars into your inspiration sector Monday through Wednesday morning prompting you to go on a voracious hunt to find new music, movies and art. Have you been exploring new channels of finding inspiration lately? Now is a great time to open up the dam and receive! Wednesday morning through Friday evening your mind is going to be on career, and strategy. You can really use the logical and rational energy of Virgo in your house of career to up the ante with your own personal goals and or projects at work. The weekend brings sweet relief from work, and users in friendship and friends, with the Moon in Libra gracing the sector of your chart that illuminates friendships and community. How will you spend time with friends or community this weekend? What can you do to not only have fun, but to be of service as well?



Monday through Wednesday early morning may be all about transformation for you dear Capricorn. Or, these days could also bring extreme sensual pleasures as well, depending on how intimate you are willing to let yourself get with your partner or partners. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon, you could really be able to make a strong stand with your logical and ethical beliefs. Who do you need to stand up to this week? The weekend will have you scheming about balance and new acquisition on your career. How can you be more gentle and loving with yourself in your career goals this weekend Capricorn?




Monday through Wednesday morning your mind may be on relationships Aquarius. If you’ve been dealing with stress or intensity with personal relationships these would be great days to do some spellwork around gaining back your self confidence and asking the universe for some help in moving into a solid and happy direction. Wednesday morning through Friday afternoon may feel quite prickly, as the logical Moon in Virgo is transiting your house of intimacy and transformation. You may “not feel in the mood” or may be riding intense psychological thought trains these days. Make room for self care. Friday evening through the rest of the weekend bring loads of inspiration! Think art! New music! Film! Take your time and go on awesome solo adventures and reclaim what truly inspires you this weekend Aquarius. Where will you go and what will you come back with?




Monday through Wednesday morning the Moon wants you to stay in and self care Pisces. There is some deep processing happening for you and these are great days to do just that, to process, heal, relax. Wednesday morning through Friday evening the Moon will prompt you to think logically in regards to a relationship or friendship. If you’ve been feeling too emotional lately this could be a great time to sit back and come to the story with more rational thought. The weekend brings the Moon in Libra in your 8th house of sensuality and transformation. It’s time for self care and creating an arena for you to grow and expand. How can you treat yourself this weekend?



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