Astrology for Feminists June 6th-13th

June 6, 2017


Jupiter finally goes direct this week! Woohoo! Jupiter rules luck and expansion, and having it retrograde this past season has been rough! Slowly but surely many planets are coming out of retrograde, and with Jupiter going direct we further our stabilization. Mercury and Venus went direct last month and with Venus moving into Taurus we should start to see ease and happiness again in love, lust and finance matters.


The Moon will be in Scorpio until Wednesday mid afternoon prompting us to be more emotional, passionate, or on the flip side, more hidden about our feelings. Wednesday mid afternoon PST the Moon will move into Sagittarius, where it will continue to grow until becoming Full Friday at 6:10 am PST. See your horoscopes below to see how the Full Moon will affect your Sun AND Rising signs if you know them! We will have a great window of time Friday and Saturday to work some Full Moon magic before the Moon moves into Capricorn early Saturday morning will it will stay until Monday evening. This is great energy for your spells, wishes and intentions to to take hold too, and begin to grow.



The week will begin on a transformative note as you ponder what is important for you but you may want to keep your discoveries secret. Wednesday afternoon through Saturday early morning may be the best times of the month to find new music, movies or art and explore new things that make you feel passionate and alive. The Full Moon is a great time to call in new pieces of inspiration i to your life, and things that make you feel fresh and inspired. Get your fun in while you can because money and career will be on your mind Saturday morning through Monday early evening. Get what you can get done done these days while the energy is still ample.



The Moon in Scorpio may make you may feel strongly or intensely towards your lover or bff’s the beginning part of this week, until Wednesday mid afternoon. Your reactions may come off hyper emotional or intense, so you may want to be mindful of how you are talking too/treating others. The Moon will shift into Sagittarius Wednesday afternoon, and give you fresh resolve for adventure and maybe even decadent sexuality. The Full Moon gives you an opportunity to work with or resolve issues in regards to your personal transformation, or pieces of yourself that you let remain hidden. This may be a great time to play with who you are and have fun. Saturday morning through Monday evening you may want to get grounded to find inspiration.



Self care may feel hard, but it's extra important you do it the early part of this week, with the Moon in Scorpio until Wednesday mid afternoon. You may be more prone to whining or not wanting to get out of bed so please baby yourself Gemini. Wednesday mid afternoon until Saturday early am the Moon moves into Sagittarius, and will put some pressure on your one one one relationships. If you’ve been waiting for news or information in regards to a lover or bff this Friday might be the time you hear some movement or experience some drama or deep insight into this realm. You might also get some big insight with relationships as well this weekend, which could be tied to sexuality or sensuality.



The beginning part of the week may be more fun than usual Cancer, as the Moon in Scorpio until Wednesday evening is prompting you to dig in and get dirty with your emotions and sensuality. Wednesday evening through Saturday morning your mind will be on revitalizing your daily routine and lifestyles, and the Full Moon gives you a chance to hit the refresh button on what your ideal daily routine looks like for you and how you can best make it happen. Saturday through early Monday evening your mind may be on stabilizing and grounding your one on one relationships. Do what you can, but allow other people to make their own decisions as well.



The early part of the week may have you focused on home matters, and things could come up that test you or make you feel uncomfortable until Wednesday evening. Wednesday evening through Saturday morning brings a swift change in vibe, and lots of fun, fresh atmospheres and maybe even travel. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is asking you to renew what fun means for you, and how you hold it in priority in your life. Saturday morning through Monday evening there ma come a restructuring around your daily routines and lifestyle, to be more grounded and supportive to yourself. What do you need to make yourself feel good on a  daily basis? How can you most easily start to do those things?




Communications may be spunky, snarky or emotional the early part of the week with the Moon in Scorpio gracing your communications sector until Wednesday early evening. Wednesday through Saturday early morning the energies will be pointing towards your home and family, and you’ll have an opportunity to gain some pertinent insight into your  home life. The Full Moon may bring insight around family, information around roommates or new homes as well. This would also be a great time to clean and declutter and make your space feel more alive and inspiring. Saturday morning through the rest of the weekend the Moon will be in Capricorn and urging you get more grounded and practical with how you have fun and with what fun means to you.



The early part of the week may make you emotional in regards to your spending habits or self esteem. Try not get down on yourself in regards to what you have or feeling like you don’t “have enough” through Wednesday mid afternoon. Also beware of overspending on sensuous items, like luxury blankets or sexy skivvies. Wednesday afternoon through Saturday early morning the powerful energy of Sagittarius may be bestowing some intense insight or providing information in regards to how you communicate and what that means for your authentic self. The Full Moon Friday morning gives you a chance to make a fresh pact with yourself and the world, so that you are using your highest power to communicate from your heart, and to communicate what you believe is right. Saturday through Monday evening it’s all about your home zone. Stay as grounded and close to home base as possible for best results.



You rock into the first part of the week with the Moon in your sign! Woohoo! This special uplift in confidence and energy will last until Wednesday mid afternoon, when the Moon moves into Sagittarius. Here it will highlight the portion of your chart that works with your self esteem and self love. How are you doing in this area? Are you giving yourself the love and support you need? The Full Moon in sagittarius Friday morning poses this question to you and gives you the opportunity to set brand new intentions around these themes. It’s time to step into your full power and this Full Moon brings you the opportunity to do just that. Saturday through Monday evening give you the opportunity to re ground your communications so they are coming from your most authentic place.




The week may start off spacey, with the Moon in Scorpio in the house of your subconscious making you dreamy or maybe feeling sensuous the first part of the week. The Moon moves into your sign Wednesday mid afternoon however give you a big boost in confidence and good vibes. The Full Moon occurs in your sign Friday morning so this is a great time to set new intentions around who you are and how you function in the world. You can re write your story so that you feel better at any time, you are the powerful troubadour of truth, and this Full Moon gives you the chance to take yourself up a notch. How can you set new intentions around who you are and what you put out into the world? Saturday morning through Monday evening are great times too reorganize bank accounts, financial structures, or create spreadsheets on ingoing/outgoing funds and bills. Get organized financially for the win.



The beginning of the week comes with some intensity or drama perhaps with your  social circles, but fear not Capricorn, your role as slow, steady and mostly drama free will prevail, and you might be able to really help your bff’s out with some outstanding advice that saves the day. The energy shifts Wednesday mid afternoon and will ignite a fire in the house of your dreams and subconscious. Great for making journaling or therapy breakthroughs, and clearing the air with yourself. Your tough Capricorn, but you need healing from time to time just like anybody else does. Use this Full Moon to set new intentions around digging deep into your feelings, and feel them without judgement, shame or guilt. The Moon moves into your sign Saturday morning and will stay there until Monday evening, giving you lots of confident energy to start your week right and get things done!



The early part of the week may feel like you're trying really hard to get some work or career gigs over the line, and you may be feeling some pushback. The energy is more suited to just melt into a pile of goo in the corner, but try to get your work done so you can relax. The vibes will lift Wednesday mid afternoon as the Moon moves into Sagittarius and shines it’s light on the house of friendship, urging you to show up and connect with your social scene. It’s time to give back to all the folks who give to you, and to let yourself let loose and have some fun! Saturday morning through Monday evening are great for working out subconscious issues, and working on therapy or therapy related topics. You could make some serious headway.



The early part of the week may have you diving deep into some dark or sensual themed movies, tv shows, books or art. This is a great time to gain some inspiration. This Moon moves into Sagittarius Wednesday mid afternoon and the vibe will shift to your career, where you will feel a new sense of freedom. You may want to set new intentions around career for the Full Moon, or do some spell work in regards to moving yourself in the career direction you want. Saturday morning through Monday evening you may have to be the strong one in your group of friends. People may be relying on you to keep them grounded and stable!  Take on only what you feel you can take on. You're helping people just by being you!






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