Astrology for Feminists June 19th-25th

June 19, 2017

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Astrology for Feminists June 19th -25th



We are in a deep dark waning Moon most of the week, giving us a chance to really honor and let go of what no longer serves us, and what we no longer need in our lives. It’s been a summer of transition for many, and it’s finally time for us to really say goodbye to attitudes, routines, resentments, and relationships that no longer serve us or make us feel good. Friday the New Moon in Cancer will bring about a new moment  to begin setting new intentions around again. It is on this day that we pant new and important seeds for what we want out of our lives.


Summer solstice is this Wednesday and if you feel like you want to honor the earth and yourself with ritual, this is a powerful time to do so! It’s also a powerful moment to start a meditation practice, or change a habit. Try to commit to something for 40 days on this day! It takes 40 days to really change a habit




The week starts off with you feeling like you maybe need to let some weight go when it comes to your self esteem Monday through Wednesday. What can you let go of now that will help you feel more solid about yourself? Wednesday late afternoon through Friday late afternoon, the universe may also be promoting you to let go of communication styles that are no longer serving you. The New Moon on Friday is asking you to call in a more solid foundation around your home. What seeds can you plant to make your home sturdier, healthier and happier? It’s time to work some magic in these areas for yourself. You may also want choose to call in your ancestors and the energy of your lineage at this time as well. Healing could happen with family as well.



The Dark Moon is waning in your sign Monday through Wednesday afternoon, and it may be the perfect time to just chill out and relax into yourself. How can you self care while keeping it low key? What needs decluttering in your life right now? This is a great time to be rid of it. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon it’s time to focus on your self esteem, and how you communicate yourself to the world. How do you let ways of communicating that no longer serve you go? Friday afternoon through the weekend the New Moon in Cancer will create new portals of opportunities around how you communicate. How can you be more in alignment with your truth? How can you speak in alignment with your authentic self. Challenge yourself to step out of old ways of doing and try something new!



Monday through Wednesday late afternoon may be the best times of the month to self care, self nurture and journal your feelings out. You may be surprised that once you put the pen to paper A LOT wants to come out. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon it’s time to center yourself through even more self care, but this time you get to treat yourself to something that makes you truly happy. Think inner child play! The New Moon in Cancer comes on Friday bringing you a renewed sense of vitality around your self esteem. What plans can you make for yourself around how you view yourself? How can you support yourself fully to be in the world and get what you want without compromising? Rock those intentions through the weekend and beyond.



Monday through Wednesday afternoon are great times to let go of things in your friendships that no longer serve you. It could also be a great time to low key chill with friends as well. Wednesday through Friday afternoon are perfect times to get really deep in conversation with yourself. What needs to get journaled out? What needs to get let go of this cycle? This is your chance to lovingly spend some quality time with yourself and your inner most emotions. Friday afternoon the New Moon arrives in your sign, bringing you a new vibration of vitality and sense of self. This is a time to celebrate yourself, and all the achievements you want to manifest this Lunar cycle. It’s time for you to step into the spotlight



The week starts off to a slow start around career Leo.  Monday through Wednesday afternoon are great times to get rid  what no longer serves you here or with public image. Maybe it’s time to re work your website or offerings, or let go of a project or something you’ve been fighting for at work. It could also be a great time to just de clutter your desk. Wednesday through Friday afternoon are great times to let go of what is no longer serving you in your social life as well.Or you may want to just have some very chill laid back catch up times with friends or check in’s with activist groups. The New Moon in Cancer Friday fals in your house of the subconscious, and may feel very dreamy and watery! You may want to set new intentions around your emotions, and letting your emotions flow.How can you create a safe space for them? How can you check in with yourself regularly to make sure your “feeling” you feelings?



Monday through Wednesday afternoon may be the best days of the month to just lay back and chill with a book's, music or art. How can you feed your soul with inspiration as self care? Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon may feel stuck with career. You could feel like you have all the answers but nothing is “happening” or gelling quite yet. Lean back until the New Moon before pushing too hard in any one direction. The New Moon comes on Friday and re invigorates your friendships, social standing and community! This is a great time to start activism work, or connect with new people, or reconnect with existing folks! Celebrate with friends and set intentions for what you want your social life and activism schedule to look like this Lunar cycle!



Monday through Wednesday afternoon are perfect times for self care, and being gnetle with yourself. You could also feel quite sensual as well, and it could be fun to express that in a way that makes you feel safe. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternnon may be the best times of the Lunar cycle to curl up with a great book, art or music and just chill. It’s time to reconnect with what inspires you and ditch whatever does not. The New Moon on Friday brings you new movement and inspiration around your career! This is a great time to plant new seeds, start new projects, put resumes out and make some moves!



The week starts off on a low key note in regards to partnerships. You may feel stubborn with your partner or partners, so be gentle with yourself and them. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon  you may also feel very vulnerable, and this may be a great time to start some conversations with yourself. Relax and play and work with your emotions, don’t tug that them or prod yourself one way or the other. The New Moon on Friday will be happening in your house of expansion and vision. It may be time to re ignite your inspirations and passion!  What kind of music, film, art do you need around to make you feel inspired? Where do you need to go? How do you need to travel. This could be a great weekend to make some upcoming travel plans as well, even if it’s local and cheap! Do what you can do, for you this weekend.



Monday through Wednesday afternoon are the perfect for sensual self care Sagittarius! It’s a great window of time to get a body treatment or do some low key and healing movement. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon you may feel like focusing on your partner or partners. Be careful to stay balanced and hydrated and let room for your partner to talk. Balance is key these days. Friday the New Moon is going down in the house that rules sexuality and transformation. What new ideas and purpose can you work into these themes in your life? How can you hit the refresh button and approach things from a new angle? This house also rules debt, so it might be a great time to consider re consolidating your finances and facing debt head on. How can you make moves to be happier and grow in these ways?



It’s time chill Monday through Wednesday afternoon, and let go of any flirtations that you may be keeping up that just aren’t you anymore. It’s time to be gentle with yourself and other beings and turn inward this week. Self care is most certainly on the menu Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon. How can you feed your soul and nourish your body this week before doing the New Moon? Friday the New Moon in Cancer will usher in a powerful moment in your romantic and one on one partnerships. How can you set intentions around working with people in romantic and or professional relationships? Grab a piece of paper or your journal a make a list of all the attributes you want in a partner and see if you can manifest them! Even a simple act like intention setting around who you want to call in your life can be very powerful right now.



The week starts off on a self care at home kind of note, with the Waning Moon beckoning to treat yourself sensually and kindly Monday through Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon it’s time to let go of what you no longer need in your romance realms, so that you can make room for the new. Try burning old letters or pictures from past era lovers or writing a letter to burn or release. Pure magic is coming for you in romance realms this year but you need to let go of the past before you can fully enjoy the future. Friday the New Moon in Cancer is giving you fresh energy and inspiration to live in alignment with what you know your body and soul need on a daily basis. How do you need to eat, move and meditate to be healthy? What do you need to keep your body and mind happy? Making plans and setting intentions to commune with nature, the Lunar rhythms, and yourself more are all super important this weekend. It’s time to live the life you know you need to live to be truly in authentic alignment with you.



Monday through Wednesday afternoon you may want to keep it low key with your communications. Give yourself space and quiet time to think and ground before responding to any major conversations, emails or texts. Wednesday afternoon through Friday afternoon you may feel like doing some serious self care in your home. Think movies and chill or just relaxing when you can,. The New Moon in Cancer on Friday will fall in your romance sector! Reigniting your passion, fun and flirtation for the upcoming weekend! This is a great time to set goals around what you want in romantic or creative realms.


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