New Moon in Leo 0 Degrees 7/23/17

July 23, 2017

 Art by Julie Catona of Future Illustrations



Releasing scopes a bit early this week to kick off the New Moon in Leo which happens today,  Sunday 7/23  at 0 degrees. This is going to be powerful New Mooon, that will act as a stabilizing portal, a new beginning, and an opening for us to move towards the changes we need to make to blossom into our true selves. The upcoming Eclipses and Lunations in August will change our lives forever, in some capacity, big or small. The universe is pushing us to step into the center stage of our own lives, and finally live in authentic alignment with who we are, and who we want to be. We all have these pictures of ourselves, of who we want to be, what we want to say, how we want to say it, and so many times we fall short, or we feel so far from being that ideal we have in our mind. The Eclipse energy will shake things up enough so that we can come back together, to put the pieces back in a way that makes us so much more whole than ever before. Out of great change and disrupt comes great power and incredible growth. This week we prep for this growth. This week is the when the fog lifts and we can see the lighthouse on the shore.


Collectively and  personally, the youth of America, can feel a change in the wings, blowing in. This New Moon in Leo at 0 degrees is the chance for us to lay down the seeds of our new selves firmly in healthy ground, so that we can watch them take hold and bloom in the coming 3-6 months. Now is the time for us to really listen to our hearts, and what we need, and what we know will make us happy.


The energy of Leo is here to help guide us. Leo is a fixed sign, so it’s important that we plant the seeds we want to grow in our lives right now, especially if it has to do with uncovering creative energy, and using it in the world. The potential to have our new affirmations, our new ideals for ourselves stick now is highly likely. Leo is also a fire sign and wants us to stoke our own alchemical fire so that we can be greater, and more powerful, more confident. The sun will also be in Leo, aiding us in creating a fiery new persona that is optimistic, idealistic, generous, confident, and self assured. Mars and the North Node are also currently in Leo generating even more power and direction into where we are going at this point. Things may feel fated, and the positive direction pulling you forward is the direction you are meant to embrace and work with. Mercury in Leo also gives us the gifts of being able to express ourself in our boldest, brightest and best ways. It’s time to just let ourselves be enough. As Lana Del Rey said in her new album that dropped on Friday, “it enough to be young and in love”. It;s time to fall in love with ourselves for the first time, or all over again. Good luck bb’s.


Aries/Aries Rising:

Romance is coming back Aries. Your house of romance and creativity is lit up like a christmas tree right now, and this New Moon will be the ultimate reset to begin dating or creating again. If you’ve had stalled art projects or lame dates, you can kiss that stale energy goodbye, and send it off to the night. Now begins a whole new era in in your ability to set your self and others on fire. You might have way more opportunities to start dating again, and new love and fun may enter your life right now. You may have folks asking you to work on projects or you may be so inspired that you start your own. Rest assured that August will not be boring, but it all starts with this New Moon energy, which will climax again next month. Plant creative seeds and make sure your garden is prepped for all the incoming energy, it’s may be especially hot for you.

Taurus/Taurus Rising:

The way you think about your home and family may radically change this August. New ways of living, of being, and a sudden love for new places or neighborhoods may steer your current living situation. Maybe out of the country and into the city, or out of the city and into the unknown. It’s time for you to really think about your roots Taurus, and how your ancestors and legacy lives on through you. This is a powerful time to communicate with ancestors living or dead, to commune with your heritage, to ask family questions, to think about who you are in relation to where you're from. This is also a powerful time to make moves in your personal living situation as well. Do you want to move? Get new roommates? Now would be a great time to participate in changing your life so your living situation is more in alignment with who you really are and what makes you truly happy.



You're about to level up your confidence Gemini. It’s time the way you speak reflects who you are and how you think of yourself. This New Moon energy is going to point you on a powerful journey of creating new and limitless possibilities of how you communicate with the outside world. You may feel inspired to write and talk, to story board, vision board, to create! This is your opportunity to lay a new foundation in how you interact with the outside world. It’s going to be your job to nurture yourself, to love yourself, and cut through any crap that doesn’t allow you to talk and write the way you deserve with the outside world. It’s time to take yourself back, and own who you are in the world.What have you learned so fa that you can use for yourself? What  are you willing to learn more about and work on so that you can feel more solid? Any way you slice it, self confidence is coming, embrace it Gemini.


Cancer/Cancer Rising:

Get ready to make more money Cancer! Now is the time to whip your finances, your wardrobe, and your self confidence into shape. The energy will be pushing towards you manifesting money, career success. Personal liberty is coming to you, in the form of your talents, and ability to use your resources to bring in abundance. In fact abundance would be a key word for you this week and through Eclipse season this August. It’s time to stop nursing old ideas about yourself. Any past failures should be let go at this time and replaced with full confidence in yourself, and your ability to do a great job at work, and to manifest what you desire in your life. This is a greta time to re align your wardrobe with your ideals as well. Its really important to feel powerful and confident in the clothes we wear. Are you expressing yourself the way you want too?


Leo/Leo Rising:

Get ready to make a greater impact as yourself Leo. This is the year when finally come into your own, even more so than before. New opportunities may be manifesting for you left and right and you can expect nothing short of an entire revolution of self Leo. No matter where your at things are going to begin to move forward for you, even if things have to fall apart first. This New Moon week will be about getting right with who you are so you can truly welcome in the wave of new coming your way. This will also be an expansion of your heart energy Leo, and your capacity to love. You have been closed off for an awful long time, but this August, the unvierse is going to push you to open like a flower in the sun. Make the best of this week by planting those loving seeds early. By celebrating yourself and looking to the future with optimistic eyes no matter what life is throwing your way or what changes you're going through.


Virgo/Virgo Rising:

Virgo, you're an earth sign, and a steady, fact oriented one at that. You take direction from your inner voice, which can be strong and intense. But this New Moon and Eclipse season, the universe is steering you into a direction of becoming more dreamy, and more in touch with the hidden parts of yourself. There’s going to be a ton of fiery and loving energy moving through your subconscious and unconscious minds starting this Sunday, and it’s going to be important for you to be able to have a tether back to home base. How can you stay grounded in yourself but allow yourself to be open to new ways of thinking, feeling and existing in your own head? It’s time for the self punishment to stop. It’s time for self love to burn up any negative self talk and for you to create a warm safe space in the caverns of your mind. Nest a soft cushion for yourself, a landing pad if you will so you feel free to explore. It’s important now.


Libra/Libra Rising:

Friendships, social groups and settings may undergo a massive overhaul for you Libra. If you haven’t been getting what you need from your friends, or if your friends haven’t been getting what they need from you, you're going to feel it starting with this New Moon. In fact, any area where your out of alignment with your friends or social groups could be marked with a red flag. Your job this week is to identify what needs to change in these areas and lovingly begin that process. How can you make an exit without stirring drama? How can you find new people and groups while being true to yourself? Are you looking for real friends and community to support you or are you going after groups that have popularity, or fashion as their moniker? Are you surrounding yourself with stable people or are you always trying to bail out the sinking friendship boat with a pail? How can you grow and expand your community to give your gifts more freely to the world? Be brave Libra, be bold, and as always, be fair.


Scorpio/Scorpio rising:

You have been working so hard for so long Scorpio, and a pay off is in sight. Things are going to change for you in your career, and the New Moon this week is the beginning of that change. Your job this week is to plant the seeds you want to see sprout in 3-6 months regarding your career and public standing. What are you striving for? What do you want? More importantly do you feel like you deserve it? It’s time to get your self confidence in order, and this Leo Moon and Eclipse season will help you do just that. You need to know that you are absolutely worth everything that you want to make happen in your career realms, and you have all the abilities you need to be successful right here, right now. Your job now is to think about what you want, create goals, and break those goals down into smaller goals that will help you achieve what your worth. If things in career change suddenly, ride the wave, and know its all for the best.



Prepped to get inspired Sag, because inspiration is coming your ways in leaps and bounds. You may be at the very beginning of a deluge of music, film, art, books, that make you feel super alive. Going back to school may also be on the menu, and this New Mon is a perfect time to plant seeds around going back to school if you’ve been feeling inclined to go that route. In fact things may suddenly change or even fall apart to put you in that direction, so be on the lookout for opportunities that may come hidden in intense packages. This week is a gret time to get good with yourself and what your true dreams and needs are. Are you getting the artistic inspiration and continuing education you need?


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising:

Get ready to go deep and transform this week. The New Moon in Leo is asking you to dig deep inside yourself and find the untended parts of yourself that need care. It’s time to bring them to light and give them the nurturing they need and desire. As a Capricorn it’s often difficult for you to dedicate time and space to your feelings or to nourishing yourself on a wholisitic level, but the stars are aligned for you to begin to do just that. Not through ways that you don’t feel comfortable with, but through art, through music, through self expressiona and self discovery. Your new Moon task is to art therapy the shit our of your life right now. Find the music that turns you on 100% and play it over and over and over again. Get inspired by art new or old, get out into the city and see what the kids are doing. Explore. Nurture yourself by paying attention to the things that make you feel inspired and bring magic into your life.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising:

Hold onto your seats Aquarius because the relationship ride is about to go into hyper drive. This New Moon marks a powerful reboot in your partnership sector, and you can bet that all partnerships and relationships will benefit from this powerful window of time. This New Moon is the perfect time to plant the seeds around what you are looking for in one on one partnerships. Doing a ritual to call in love or writing out the list of what a perfect partner looks like would be powerful ways to set yourself up for success this season. Knowing what you want and releasing any old residue with partners and making room for new love and new growth would be powerful now as well. If you're already partnered up you may experience some changes with your partner. It’s a powerful time for renewal and having important conversations as well.


Pisces/Pisces Rising:

Your home life and daily routines are going to be spotlighted by this New Moon and Eclipse season. If you’ve been dragging yourself around in over caffeinated, low sleep burnout mode, this astrology is going to try to point you in a more holistic direction. How you structure your day,( in fact bringing any structure into your day) is extremely important Pisces. You need some sort of routine to keep you stabilized so you can go off into dream/art/esoteric land without losing yourself completely. The urge to party for you is real too, but so is burnout. As much as you want it to be, your nervous system is not made of steel, and you can’t keep doing all of the drugs/drinks/parties/sleepless nights. It’s amazing that your the royal princess/prince that you are, and the world loves and needs you, but you need some time for yourself too. How can you best take care of yourself this week? What rituals/practices/ habits can you start with the New Moon that will help you in the months to come? Staying hyated, eating B vitamins and getting more sleep would be a start. Massage, spa, low key casual nights at home or in your neighborhood along with proper nutrition, juices, smoothies and some detox would also be great places to start.

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