Solar Eclipse 2017

August 21, 2017


Eclipses are extremely potent astrological influences that effect us collectively and personally on a deep energetic level. Eclipses may reverberate for weeks, even months after their initial date impacting us for the rest of our year possibly. Their intensity can be deep, and will often times shake up our lives, sometimes bringing about deep and penetrating changes that hit us at the very dimensional core of our beings.  Eclipse energy is an energy that sometimes may force us to let go, may force us to move on, to change, to be different, to open up to new ways of being, of living. Eclipse help to see and feel things differently. It’a powerful time to go deep within and understand your true motives, understand your traumas, your triggers and how to heal them. Often times when we feel where we are wounded we can heal it, just by shining the light of understanding onto those pieces. It's a key piece of understanding what makes you, you, and what makes you happy and whole. When Eclipses are paired with a New Moon we are often shown to a new path. We get to start over,  we get to plant powerful new seeds of becoming who we want to become. We get to change, for the better, for the best.


With eclipse we are urged to embrace new ways of being, new ways of living day to day and expressing ourselves to others and the world.


Eclipse is at the 29th Degree, New Moon in Leo 11:26 PST Monday, August 21st, 2017


Aries/Aries Rising:

This Solar eclipse will be directly affecting the house that rules romance, creativity, children and parenting.You may expect big changes in regards to romance and how you feel about yourself in relation to love, fun and creative work. You emotional attitude could go under a huge shift at this time. You may find that you have more or less love to give, and the very way you express love and romance could change within the next 3-6 months. You could have a very big change of direction as to what your needs and desires are. Additionally your hobbies and passions could undergo a sense of deep renewal, or sparked interest at this time as well. You may find that you want to pursue new or different hobbies or go deeper into the ones you already have. You may want to take steps towards being more bold and worldly with your interests now as well perhaps taking steps to promote yourself or your work now. Interests and ideas may come easily now and you might find yourself on fire with new or renewed passion. You could also become pregnant, or have renewed interest in wanting children. If you already have children you may undergo a change in your parenting style or skills.


Taurus/Taurus Rising:

The Solar eclipse will affect you in the area of your home and family. You may expect big changes when it comes to family, perhaps news from other family members, or even outed secrets about your lineage.  Endings or beginnings may  come about at this time in relation to your home, neighborhood or roommates as well. The Eclipse is trying to gently guide you to the next phase of your learning and development as a human being and how your home, how you live, and your family relate to that.  Any lessons here that may seem “hard won” may be integral to your growth. It’s important to remember at this time as well, that there is a seasonal aspect to life, and everything has cycles. You may also dive deep into your family history, and your psychological roots at this time. You may be looking for answers, or for deeper meaning.  Deep changes in your home life could also manifest in the next 3- 6 months. You could also expect to find a new place to live, or have to move out of your home at this time. You could buy or sell a home, find a new rental or move to a new location. You may find new roommates, or realize the roommates you have now aren’t suited for your best interests.  


Gemini/Gemini Rising:

Communication may become a forefront issue for you at this time, and you may change or radically evolve how you communicate with other people. You could start a writing project at this time, or finish a writing project that you may have put to the side. Your siblings may have life altering news for you, or you may become closer or further apart from your siblings at this time. Your viewpoints or objectivity about certain subjects may undergo a transformation at this time as well. You may decide that you have a talent for writing at this time as well, and dive deeply into a pursuit of this as hobby or career within the next 3-6 months. You also could have a drastic revamp or change in your communication style, how you talk and think about expressing yourself. This is a great time to plant new seeds around projects, or anything that involves how you broadcast yourself to the outside world.


Cancer/Cancer Rising:

Your finances may undergo an overhaul at this time, and may shake any loose foundations that you may have in regards to taking care of your financial life. Your earning power may revamp at this time as well, and you may discover that you are capable of earning more money than you have previously.Your self esteem may get a boost at this time as well.  You may be intent on getting on a raise or promotion, and that may come easily at this time for you, especially if you have done a lot of work to get there. You may be building up to larger and greater self worth than you have realized before, and situations may arise that increase your belief in yourself and allow you to truly value yourself. You may also want to do a wardrobe overhaul at this point, allowing your outside to reflect what’s on the inside. You may also want to purchase new items at this point as well, but be careful of running into debt. You may be chasing the fun or the status right now, but you really should be working with your sense of self worth and self love. How does money and finances effect those two things? How can you improve and take better care of yourself financially?


Leo/Leo Rising:

Leo you have the potential to be more affected by this eclipse. Big changes in your life may come about in the next 3- 6 months. Your identity and sense of who you are may undergo a massive overhaul at this time. Things relating to your identity, such as relationships, career or where you live may undergo an intense shift at this time. Things may suddenly change, and the status quo may shift  as old opportunities may close allowing while opportunities to emerge. This can be a long process, and things may feel really intense and even confusing as change may occur fast and without warning. Old situations may dissolve, but it’s important for you to trust that if they are dissolving, they weren't  meant for you in the first place, and that there is a better path for you to be on. While times may feel tough at moments, it's important to know that the changes are manifesting for your greatest good. The Eclipse is taking you off an old path and placing you on a more authentic for you one. These changes may also be welcome and joyful. Sudden changes may occur so you want to emotionally prepare to be able to let go. It's all about seeing the forest from the tree's Leo, and accepting what the Eclipses have in store for you with an open and loving heart. Don't forget to reach out to your support network if you need it. You've given so much to the world and the people you love, it's ok to take some back when you need it. 


Virgo/Virgo Rising:

This eclipse may bring about sudden changes in how you relate to your subconscious mind. You may end a particular way of working with the subconscious, perhaps you start to seek therapy or counseling for an addition, or a deep inner sadness or depression. You may choose to deal with mental issues differently than you have in the past, by seeking more advanced healing techniques. You may start or change a meditation practice at this time as well. Your deep inner path may reveal itself to you at this time, or you may have a change in the direction that you spiritually or internally. You may long to commune with something greater than you, and you may wish to explore modes of connecting with your own consciousness, inner child, higher self or higher power. You may feel more creatively stimulated at this time as well, or experience  a sudden burst of creativity and inspiration. Because of this you may choose to express yourself through art, music or dance. At therapy may become a focal point for you at this time as well. Reaching out for support does not make you any less strong Virgo. Don't be afraid to break through new levels of understanding, even if it means breaking down a bit to build up. Dn't forget there are people that love you and programs and help available if you need it. 


Libra/Libra Rising: This eclipse season may radically alter your friendships, social circles and friend dynamics. If you’ve had lingering issues with certain peeps, or groups you may expect them to alter dramatically within the next 3 months. If you’ve been waiting for a turning point, or a change point in the energy of working with your friends and friendship, this may be the energy that pushes you over the line. You may expect deep transition and transformation with the relationships you’ve had, and with how you deal with the idea of friendship and community in general. What are you being called at this time to let go in this realm? What are deep pieces that you feel you no longer need, or pieces that need to be rearranges, or stopped moving long enough to take a really deep look at? What needs to be let go of? What groups or communities are begging for your special touch, your artistic prowess, your great view points? What do you need in friendships, and what makes a sustaining last relationship for you? This is going to be a great time to sit back and self reflect. To go inside and do some meditative work on who and what you want and deserve to have in your life. Support, nourishment and encouragement are as important for you to recieve as it is for you to give Libra. Make sure your surrounding yourself with people that help you, not hurt you. 



Are you ready for some massive change and transformation in your career? This Eclipse is going to beckon in a whole new shift and an season of revolution in your career and social standing. It’s time to conceive of radical new goals and self confidence Scorpio, and this Eclipse season is going to bring you the opportunity to push renewal in a whole new way. It’s time for you to own who you are and how the world see’s you and how you look at your place in career realms. You may want to prep to let some major things go so that you can let new and amazing things in. Things may seem very hectic and crazy while your in it, with Mercury Rx in Virgo creating all kinds of chaos, that is really just putting you to the test of your mettle. Your going to need intense patience where you're going Scorpio and learning how to breathe and stop is going to be a vital function for you. This Eclipse season is like a boot camp to whip you into shape to be the best and brightest that you’ve ever been in your career. Don’t give up, don’t forget to breathe, and don’t forget how far you’ve really, really come.



You love inspiration, and this Eclipse is going to give it ya. New music, art, travel ideas may pour out of the proverbial ceiling and open yourself up to new ways of being that may really rock your world. You may feel like pursuing new artistic ventures at this time, or you may feel like moving or traveling for extended periods of time. This inspiration is likely to be lasting for you, shaping your personality, your very way of being for months, maybe years to come. Allow yourself to go with the flow this Eclipse season, to maybe use this as an excuse to live your wildest artistic dreams, you wildest travel dreams. Allow yourself to move freely in your mind and the world. It may be time to leave your home all together and move on to a new area as well. Sometimes these realizations can be as painful as they are enlightening. It takes a lot of bravery and courage to pack up and leave town and start over. Whatever your choices are right now, take good care of yourself. Nourish your nerves. Soothe your soul. Get crystal clear. Laugh, dance, cry, sing, paint enjoy as much as you can. This eclipse is here to bring joy, verve and inspiration back into your life. You will get back as much as you put in. 


Capricorn/Capricorn Rising:

The time has come to allow yourself to be open, honest and more free than you’ve ever let yourself be before.  It’s time to allow color, warmth and a softer kind of intensity into your world than you’ve allowed in before. It’s time to break down walls. You are about to be living in a fabulous world of your own creation, but before you move on to your own personal paradise, you need to let go of the past. How can you let go of the past in such a way that strengthens and heals you, that motivates and inspires? How can you become bigger, better and more solid than before? Well before you move into your dream home, some of the pieces of the house are going to have to fall down first Cap. You’ve built a great foundation but some pieces need to shift, to breathe, to move. You're going to have to really learn to let go of the past before you can welcome the new in. I know it’s hard. I know it’s going to take a long time, or what seems like a long time, spent by yourself, journaling like mad, crying in the bathtub, doing things you never do or don’t like to do, but there's also going to be discoveries, and moments of coming alive and reclaiming personal truth. There’s going to be new inspiration and verve creeping into the places that you let go of now. The places that you lay down and say goodbye to are just going to open you up to new and better things. Things that you will eventually be celebrating, things that will eventually flow out of you. But for now, take care of yourself, mourn, let go and feel all of the feelings. It’s all going to happen in time, let yourself be.


Aquarius/Aquarius Rising:

This Solar Eclipse is a bench mark, a marking point for how far you’ve come in managing your personal relationships Aquarius. It’s ain't easy being you, aka being weird, and you’ve had a rough time for a long time now. It’s been challenging feeling heard, feeling understood. Now all that is changing as you finally come into your own. This coming Solar Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde is really going to test your mettle on just how far you’ve come. This is the finish line to a long time of self development and the astrology is turning up the heat to see just how much patience, virtue, compassion and understanding you have. When in doubt in communications, detach not to stop listening to the other person, but to open up a deeper connection to yourself. You have a tendency to think away your feelings and that just won’t work this time around. Before you can change the world you have to change yourself, and how you partner with the important people in your lives. The more in touch you are with yourself, and your self confidence, the better you can do that.  It’s time to be better than before, to be the best Aquarius you can be. It’s time allow your borders to extend further than they’ve ever extended before. Let your pain out, let your sadness out, heal your trauma and own how amazing you are. Know your worth. It’s time to step into the light at the leader you are and that's going to take guts, patience and true understanding of who you really are in this life. Stay positive and all will be revealed in time.


Pisces/Pisces Rising:

The way you live your life is about to change Pisces. The Solar Eclipse is showing you exactly where and how you run yourself into the ground by not taking care of yourself, over expose yourself to the outside world and where your boundaries are not secure enough. There are people, things and habits  in your life that don’t deserve your precious energy and now is the time to let them all go. Your mind, your body, your soul, are all vastly interconnected yet you have a tendency to tell your body what to do like it’s a weird extension of yourself that you can operate like a robot. Your body, mind and heart all need each to function with other and when you put your body in the dumpster but prize your thoughts and actions above all else, you naturally fall out of balance. This Solar Eclipse wants you to not only pay attention to your body, your breathing, your nutrition, your sleep, but it also wants you to loveyourself so much, that you know what’s good for you and you know what’s bad for you. It’s time to let what you don’t need go. It’s time to get super sensual with yourself, with others, and with whatever gets you inspired to not put your physicality on autopilot and numb out. It’s as simple as just feeling into your body, feeling where, how and when you are tensing up, where you're anxious, and why. This eclipse is an amazing time to wipe the slate clean and allow yourself to live in true freedom which you love! Letting go of old ideas of living and being are part of that and this astrology is beckoning you to let go, and level up.



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