Weekly Scopes are back with a Full Moon in Aries!

October 2, 2017


Art By Julie Catona of Future Illustrations  


I'm back! Not many people know this, but even though astrology is my first real love, it’s not how I pay the bills. I have a 9-5 that’s been in turbo drive the past few weeks, but I'm back! With your favorite weekly Lunar scopes, breaking this Full Moon in Aries down for you, sign by sign. 


The Moon is Waxing all week, growing to a Full Moon on Thursday at 11:40am PST. This Full Moon is the sign of Aries, giving us extra fire power to see where we may not have seen, and to do where we may not have had the energy before to do. By Friday evening things take a turn for the sensual, as the slowly fading Full Moon in Aries gives way to a slowly fading waning Moon in the luxury oriented and sensual earth sign of Taurus. It’s a great weekend to get cozy and or sexy with your sweetie. If you don’t have an object of affection right now, it’s a great weekend to wrap yourself up in some serious self care.



This Full Moon is in your sign! The start of the week is going to be super spacey, and will give you a chance to deep dive on some emotional issues you may have been sweeping under the rug. This Full Moon is going to bring out the things that in you that need to come out, so you can best collaborate with the energy by prepping and being read to let go and feel some feelings. Recover over the weekend with retail and comfort food therapy, and a good hot and sweaty workout.



Find your friends the beginning of the week Taurus, but resist the urge to party too hard, especially if you need to get up for work. The Full Moon Thursday will hit you with some deep profound thoughts, and you may not be ready for whats going to come up. Protect yourself by surrounding yourself with grounding tools like therapy,  journaling and a good podcast. By the weekend you’ll be feeling much better, with the Moon in your sign making you feel on top of the world once again.



This Full Moon in Aries hits you in your house of friendships. Have you been treating your friends like shit or have you been a good friend? Be prepared for any blowback if you haven’t been the latter Gemini this Thursday and Friday. You have a rare unique ability to communicate, but are you communicating clearly or are you putting yourself first? The weekend will give you plenty of time to ponder what went wrong and how you can fix it.



The beginning of the week is prime turf for discovering new music, art and film. You may even want to take a little trip if you can. Inspiration is in the air. The Full Moon on Thursday hits your house of career. Are you ready to make some solid and positive changes to better support yourself and what you want? The weekend will be perfect for hanging out with friends, preferably at home.



Things may have gotten stale Leo, and now is the time to pump some freshness back into your life. You yearn for transformation, yet are you surrounding yourself with things that make you feel like life is beautiful? It’s time to reignite the passion you have for all things that move you, whether it be music, art, film or dance. The weekend will give you some time to solidly strategize around career.



The beginning of the week is a perfect time to date with lover or your bff. The full Moon on Thursday may bring some deep, powerful, and perhaps sexy transformation your way. Where have you been holding onto things that are no longer working? What are the outmoded ideas about yourself? How can you pivot things in a positive way? The weekend will give you plenty of time to recover and deep dive into the music, art, film and dance that genuinely turn you on. Don’t be afraid to get lost in the material that moves you.



Try not to overindulge in the “good stuff” The beginning of the week. You may feel like reaching for an extra whatever substance it is that you use to comfort yourself. This week’s Full Moon on Thursday is going to bring some revelations around romance. If things have been rocky with your sweeties you may expect some drama or a turning point one way or the other. The weekend is going to bring changes, and you will be in control of them being good for you, or hard on you.



Romantic vibes sprinkle through the beginning of the week. Take your sweetie or lover out on a date or get creative with yourself artistically. If you’ve been taking shit care of yourself expect some blowback this Full Moon. This is the Full Moon where your body could just tell you “no” when you try to party too hard for the 5th week in a row. What changes do you legitimately have to make to make your life better for yourself and your loved ones Scorpio? Is it your job, your lifestyle, your eating or spending habits? Spend some time with your lover or bff again on the weekend to bookend your revelations with the people you care most about.



You may feel like staying home in the beginning of the week, and getting cozy, and that's ok! It’s all part of your self care regimen this week. The Full Moon will hit you in the romance sector, so get prepared for some sparks to fly! Thursday will be a major reset for your romantic and creative life. The weekend is all about super indulgent, luxurious and sensual self care. Take expert care of yourself.



Communication could be spacey or wonky the beginning for the week. Be calm, and be clear, even if other people are being wacky. The Full Moon hits you hard in the house of home and family. It may be time to clear out the psychic attic of old childhood wounds, family fears and patterns that have been passed onto you without you asking for them. It could also be a tense time with roommates. Go slow and be respectful and draw clear boundaries. The wekend can be low key warmly sensual if you want it to be. Cozy at the least.



Beware overspending the beginning of the week. Think twice before buying something you really don’t need. This Thursday's Full Moon is going to hit you hard in the communications sector. Make sure you're taking your time and speaking  clearly and from the heart. This weekend is perfect for getting cozy and or sensual at home. Have your lover or bff over for a low key but luxurious in home hang sesh. Light some beautiful scented candles, eat great good for you food, and make some love, or art.



The beginning of the week has you feeling like a million bucks Pisces. The Moon is Waxing in your sign and Monday through Wednesday is the time to get your shit done and locked down before the Full Moon on Thursday. The Full Moon will bring into light areas where you have been mishandling money, your self esteem, or both. Are they actually connected? Do you value yourself as much as you should? Pisces are the most intuitive, sensitive and gifted signs of the zodiac, but often don’t realize their worth. This weekend will ease any troubles with softly sensual communiques and low key indulgent hang outs. Take some time to relax.


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