Jupiter in Scorpio!

October 11, 2017

 Art by Julie Catona of Future Illustrations 



Jupiter, the planet that brings us luck and expansion, moved into steamy, sexy and subversive Scorpio for a whole year this week! The energy of Scorpio is deep, powerful, profound and courageous. You may have already begun to feel the massive shifts in energy in your life this week from this transit that happened early Tuesday morning PST.  Read below for your sign AND rising signs for the most accurate prediction on what how this dramatic energy shift will continue to help you this year transform and regenerate with intense purpose.


Aries/Aries rising: Jupiter is about to grace a very special and intimate house in your solar astrology chart. Be prepped for a new level of intensity in lovemaking, sexuality and sacred sexual practice. Jupiter in Scorpio may bring you to new depths of what you are willing to experience pleasure wise and you may be turned on to a whole new level of sexual and sensual experience. This may mean old fears and crap must rise to the surface before you can full release, so you may want to have a therapy and self care plan on stand by. Jupiter's influence may also help you take action on cleaning up old debts and sticky shared financial situations as well.


Taurus/Taurus rising: Jupiter is about to grace your 7th house of relationships for the next year, bringing you lots of abundance, luck and opportunity to finally meet that right person for you or to bless the current relationship you may be in. If you’ve been struggling trying to find or meet someone, Jupiter could really help you expand your vision and personal ability to find someone that you want to commit to and vice versa. You may also experience an easier flow with your bff’s and other friends as well. Get into mode by upping your personal game, and understanding what and who it is you really want, so you can sort the lames from the lovers. Journal or ritual idea: write out all the traits you want in a lover and light a candle while envisioning that person coming into your life. Keep the list until they come. <3


Gemini/Gemini rising: Get ready to start juicing, eating healthy and moving your body, because Jupiter in Scorpio wants you to dive deeply into the ability to be indulgent and healthy simultaneously. This is going to mean upping your diet and movement protocol, and allowing yourself to forge a deeper and more permanent connection with your body. You love to live in your head Gemini, but this year, Jupiter in Scorpio will be urging you to feed yourself only the best, to sweat and detoxify, detoxify, detoxify. Get really with how you stay centered, grounded and present and watch the rewards start to roll in. Your job is going to be figuring out how you best communicate with your body, and give it what it needs.


Cancer/Cancer rising: Are those heart shaped fireworks I see in the distance my romantic crab? Yes, finally, after a rough year romantically, love and romance is on its way back to you. Jupiter in Scorpio in your fifth house is going to bring waves of opportunity for you to meet, mingle, and be woo-ed by folks you are interested in. Your senses will be on high creativity alert as well, and also you could be extremely fertile! You’ll have lots of opportunity to get out and meet people as well, with your party quotient also being upped by Jupiter in Scorpio. Bonus points if you have planets in your 5th house. Extra bonus points if your lover is a Water sign (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer)This will be happening all year, so relax and prep for your boo by getting right with who you are, and what you want.


Leo/Leo rising: Jupiter will be gracing your 4th house of home and family all year, which may stir up secrets, resentment or strong emotional feelings tied with your family. Ultimately the energy is bound to bring you and your family closer together, but some things may be revealed or come to the surface before you will be able to move on or unite. Same goes with roommates and home situations. You may have to ditch an old set of circumstances before moving on to a new better grander version of your home life. This is a sensual aspect however, so you may feel like having lots of at home hosted date nights and cozy 1:1 hang seshes with your lovers, partners or bff’s.


Virgo/Virgo rising: Jupiter in Scorpio is just the energy you need Virgo to bring the fiery flaming truth to the how’s and why’s of your communication skills. If you’ve been quiet, or holding back, this is the year where you finally make some breakthroughs with how you put your written and verbal communications out to the world. This is a GREAT year to start a blog, creative writing project, podcast or other similarly minded communications oriented side project. It’s also a great time to bust out of your shell, and come into spoken truth with who you are and how you relate to folks. Jupiter in Scorpio wants to take you deeply inside of who you are and how you communicate that to the world. Let it works it's deep and mysterious magic on you!


Libra/Libra rising: Jupiter in Scorpio is going to take you on a deep journey to the heart of your self esteem this year! Prep for new waves of personal self confidence, dialed up self esteem and self love! This is going to directly impact your ability to make more money as well. This is also perfect makeover magick as well, you might feel the need to go out and re vamp your wardrobe or create a new style for yourself to reflect your new inner power! This is also a great time to review your finances and create some spending habits based on your positive self worth!


Scorpio/Scorpio rising :Jupiter in your sign is going to bring you tremendous opportunity to expand your sense of self, self worth, and personality. This is a wonderful new year to not only reinvent yourself, but to dig deep into who you actually are, and who you want to be to create a perfect alignment with what and who you feel you want to be, and what you put out into the world. This year prep to celebrate who you are, and to come out and into being as the fabulous and emotional being you are, messy tears, brooding hissy fits and all. You have so much to offer the world and this year is when you learn to never apologize for who you are and expressing that.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: Jupiter in Scorpio is going to bring illumination and depth into your spiritual and mystical life like never before. If you’ve been playing with mystical energies and frequencies, this year is going to turn you on to a deeper level of being able to feel and use your intuition and intuitive powers. This is a great year to deepen a ritual, meditation or tarot practice. It’s also a fantastic year to start bodywork, therapy, or somatic work. If you have deep needs within your psyche that need to be addressed this will be a fantastic time to do so. This is a great time to initiate self care, and a new openness with your subconscious mind.


Capricorn/Capricorn rising: The tide is about to turn in the friendship dept Capricorn, so get ready for a new incoming wave of friends, parties, social activities and social life. You’ve been trapped trying to keep the piece and hold down a foundation this past year with friends and social circles and now it’s time to go out and find a whole new deluge of mates and dates. This energy is prompting you to go deeper into a scene, community or realm and really move forward with a fierce intensity of being who you are while meeting new people. There will be plenty of opportunity to create and build lasting friendships and support this year. Just keep an eye out for and avoid high drama. Emotional intensity is good, great even, but high drama is not so much fun.


Aquarius/Aquarius rising: Jupiter in Scorpio is taking you on a wild trip into the heart of your career, making sure that the hard work you’ve been putting in for the past five or so years is going to finally be recognized. Fabulous new career opportunities are going to be leading you closer into helping you create the career realm that you truly desire for yourself. You’ll have plenty for motivation and fire to take your dreams, aspirations and visions to the next level this year, and Jupiter may provide ample abundance to help you get what you want, need and finally deserve. Prep for this energy by letting go out any old outdated and or negative ideas about yourself and what you're able to accomplish and achieve.

Pisces/Pisces rising: Jupiter in Scorpio is going to be incredibly expensive for your higher mind, your dreams, goals, aspirations, mental study and projects. The energy wants to flood your mind with a watery deluge of new ideas, inspiration and goals that will carve out a new pathway in your brain like massive amounts of glacial water carved out stone on our planet, thousands of years ago. Yes it’s that profound, that deep, and that mentally stimulating. You can best prep with this new energy by letting go of any outmoded, stale or negative beliefs you have about who you are and what you're able to actually accomplish. It’s important that you finally truly believe in yourself all year long, so that you can support this fresh incoming wellspring of inspiration.


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