Full Moon in Taurus Scopes!

November 3, 2017


We have a powerful Full Moon in Taurus today that will likely flavor our weekend with feelings and emotions that may spill over to next week. Taurus is an earth sign, so this is great energy to get grounded and connect, (especially to Mother Earth) but keep in mind Full Moons often illuminate situations and bring information as well, so stay calm and keep your eyes peeled for what is revealed to you at this time. Read on about your sun and rising signs to see where in your life it will impact you the most.


Aries/Aries rising: This Full Moon will impact you in your security sector. You may be feeling not confident, or unsure about yourself, how you generate resources or how you manifest abundance. Working with the energy to see where you can shore up your confidence may be key this Friday and weekend. Where can you let go of unnecessary doubt and fear and regain creative control with yourself?


Taurus/Taurus rising: This Full Moon is in your sign! You may feel extra affected by the energies so make sure you carve out plenty of time Friday through the weekend to chill, ground and get sensual. You may need extra time to relax and do some heavy duty chilling and that's ok. Excuse yourself from the fray and draw a hot bath, break out the games or movies, make a nice meal and set your personal self timer to relax.


Gemini/Gemini rising: You may feel this Full Moon as a grounded but intensely spiritual energy, drawing you back to practices that illuminate your sensuality, and soothe your psyche. This is a great weekend to get grounded with yoga, movement, spa activities, and especially getting outside and being in nature. Nothing will wipe the subconscious slate for you cleaner right now than a good quality hang session in a park, forest or water related area. Thing green excursion and grounding nourishment to soothe your soul and reset your psyche.


Cancer/Cancer rising: This may be a good Full Moon time to meet up with friends, but watch out for sticky situations or drama to come to light. You have a love/hate relationship with drama, so be careful to protect your energies and create strong boundaries before stepping out with the homies. If you’ve been needing to get something off you chest or if someone has been needing to talk to you about something, you may find it a topic of conversation soon. Just be careful to stay in your power, breathe, and allow people the space they need to reveal themselves to you without jumping in prematurely.


Leo/Leo rising:

Watch for illuminations around career and public standing. You may gather important information around where you stand in the scheme of things career wise or you may have some brilliant notions around where to guide and lead yourself. This is a great time to get out and market yourself sign deals, pitch or get stuff done as long as you double check your message, and work before hitting send and releasing it out to the world. If you’ve been working extra hard don’t be afraid to take some time out to hit the reset button and chill as well!


Virgo/Virgo rising: You may feel like hitting the museums this weekend Virgo, as your thirst for inspiration may be high. You may feel like getting grounded and connected with art, music, and film, and all things that make your soul feel moved and inspired. You may also feel like taking a day or weekend trip and getting out of town. There’s a lot of energy around and you may also feel a bit tired, so prep to do something low key and relaxing but that brings you inspirational verve.


Libra/Libra rising: This Full Moon may bring you some challenges and frustrations You may feel intense feelings or see evidence of where you need to change, or where you may be outgrowing different pieces of your life. Allow the skin to shed dear Libra, and let the past go. Cry if you need to, stay close to home if you need to, do as much self care as you need to, but remember how you feel right now isn’t going to be forever, and you are often showed what needs to change so that you can become a better stronger person.


Scorpio/Scorpio rising: Love and romantic partnerships and important relationships may be on your mind this weekend! If a love affair has been confusing you, you may expect some clarity and illumination around this Full Moon. This weekend may be a great time to get down on some grounded sensual clarity as well, if you can score some one on one intimacy time with your partner, lovers or bff’s.


Sagittarius/Sagittarius rising: This is the self care Full Moon! It’s your Moon and weekend to officially take off and pamper. You don’t have to do anything but take care of yourself in the best way possible this weekend. Give yourself full permission to be as lazy as you want too, eat what you want too and just chill! Luck you!


Capricorn/Capricorn rising: This is a great Full Moon to get laid Capricorn. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment this could be it! If someone’s been playing games you may expect some interesting reveals this weekend. People may let their true feelings slip out so be on guard!

If you’ve been waiting to get sensual with a partner this weekend is beautiful energy to do so. It’s also great for creativity and working on artistic projects.


Aquarius/Aquarius rising: This Full Moon may bring some irritation around home or family. If your family members seem to be bugging you extra hard or stressing you out blame this Moon! This goes the same for neighbors as well. Also any annoying factors in your neighborhood like construction or  things just seeming kind of off. You may want to be prepared to take a deep breath and deal with folks and situations by allowing yourself to be calm and non reactionary. Blame it on the Moon and keep going!


Pisces/Pisces rising: The Full Moon may highlight some integral pieces and parts around your communication and communication style. You may realize that how you communicate style, or how certain people or a person communicate with you is either really working for you or not. It’s a great time to get out there and send emails, texts, pitch yourself, and to to get things done! New info may come your way as well. Be on the lookout!


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