Happy Sagittarius Season!

November 22, 2017


♐️🔥🏹 Happy Sagittarius Season! 🏹🔥♐️

Thank goodness we've all (barely) survived the Season of the Scorpio 🦂and now we move on to brighter, more gregarious territory as the sun beams its light in the area of the sky ruled by the bohemian and philosophical vibes of Sagittarius. Sagittarius season will give us all a chance to fully process and integrate the hard lessons of this past Scorpio season and create a new and bold personal philosophy from our experiences. Sag gives us the opportunity to move on with our lessons in style and as a powerful addition to how we live our lives and express ourselves.

Pictured here is my favorite astrological example of someone with a Sag heavy chart. Saint Jimi Hendrix 🎸 ⚡️the king who showed us what it meant to be "bold as love" has a very Sagittarius heavy chart. He had the sun in Sag (born 11/27) he was a Sag rising, his Venus and Mercury were in Sag and his moon was in Cancer. 


Jimi was the poster boy for doing things "your own way" in a gentle yet powerful modality that made an incredibly lasting impact on music that resonates deeply still today, some 50 years after he splashed on the scene. I love to celebrate Sag season by blasting Jimi and putting on something velvet and living in bold philosophical opulence! ♥️How will choose to bring on Sag season? It's time we had some fun!


Thanks to Bruce Fleming and Getty Images for the photo.  

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