Saturn moves into Capricorn tonight!

December 19, 2017


If you are feeling weird or "off" today, angsty or like you don't know where your going or what your doing next, take a nice deep breath and just relax. Saturn is moving from Sagittarius to Capricorn today and in this funky in between time until about 8:00 tonight PST you may feel caught between two spaces. The energy is drastically shifting and re aligning so it might be a good idea to give yourself and others some time and space and some self care. From co workers to family to friends and relationships it's a good day to hang back, not make any definitive moves and just be kind to yourself and others. When the energy is shifting gears we all feel a bit wonky. Saturn going into Capricorn is something to celebrate however. Saturn is much happier in Capricorn, in fact the planet is considered exalted in this sign, so hopefully many things will begin to feel more in alignment and easier. Saturn also loves when we take charge of our personal selves and create strategy and planning around what's bothering us or what needs change. This photo is a Polaroid of Dennis Hopper looking very today's vibe at the Factory in 1967 shot by Andy Warhol.  

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