Happy Solstice!

December 21, 2017


Happy Solstice! Many folks have been DM'ing asking about this auspicious and beautiful day and it's meaning. The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year, the day that ushers us out of fall and into the sleepy and reflective period of Winter. In the Kundalini yoga tradition this is an extremely powerful and joyful day. Yogi Bhajan, who brought Kundalini yoga to America in 1969 says this: "Winter Solstice is a tradition. It is celebrated in the spirit of who we are and it gives us strength and achievement and brings us to feel our essence. At Winter Solstice we can plan for our future and show our devotion and dedication."

This is a powerful day to reflect on who we are and to really feel grateful and abundant for all the things we have in our life. It's a beautiful day to celebrate what you have and to see beyond the trappings of our own personal pain and to allow inspiration, passion, creativity and happiness into our lives. Today is about loving ourselves to our fullest potential. This special message was hand crafted with love while listening to "My Sweet Lord" by George Harrison, (Pisces Sun, Libra Rising, Scorpio Moon) pictured here in front of a beautiful mandala. George was always my favorite Beatle. His innate spirituality and inner grace made him not only more attractive that the other three to me but gave the music more of a resonance and meaning than anything composed by Paul and even John, (who's nihilism had an almost spiritual tone in itself.) But George's steadfast and earnest love of meditation and mantra earned a very special place in my heart and his first solo album, "All Things Shall Pass" is still one of my favorite records to this day. George had the rare ability to blend the modern with the ancient, to be his true self, a rock star, with devotion to his spiritual beliefs that still allowed him to exist in the world as a true artist. Such a beautiful life to celebrate, as is yours and mine. Happy Solstice and Bright Blessings.

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